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Acclaimed Indigenous artist Bhajju Shyam - of the Pradhan Gonds of central India - was the Indian Summer Festival's 2017 artist-in-residence.

The Night Life of Trees
by Bhajju Shyam, Durga Bai and Ram Singh Urveti

Intricately drawn visions of trees fill the pages of this sumptuous book of art and folklore from the Gond tribe in central India. As traditional forest dwellers, the Gonds believe that trees are central to life. During the day, trees work hard, providing shade, shelter and nourishment for all. But at night, when all the daytime visitors have left, the spirits in the trees reveal themselves. It is these luminous spirits that are hauntingly captured in The Night Life of Trees.

Recreated from original art by Ram Singh Urveti, Bhajju Shyam and Durga Bai, three of the finest living artists of the tradition, and silk-screened by hand on black paper, every page of this book is an original numbered art print. Each painting is accompanied by text which invites the viewer in to the Gond imagination - where the practical, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of the natural world are inseparable.


by Bhajju Shyam with Gita Wolf

From a fish waiting to be born, to the beginning of art and the necessity of death... lore from the Gond tribal community in central India abounds with stories of origins, transformations and ends. Celebrated Gond artist Bhajju Shyam now gathers together these tales for the first time. By linking the cosmic with the everyday, he expresses the essence of each myth in ten sequential images. This extraordinary visual narrative of cyclical time takes us from the germinal moment to the turnaround point... where death once again transits into renewal.

Gita Wolf's English text recreates the terse wisdom of Shyam's Hindi expressions with great nuance.

This handmade, limited edition book has been silkscreened on handmade paper in Tara Books' print workshop based in Chennai, India, run according to fair trade practices.

The Night Life of Trees and Creation were published by Tara Books.

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